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The start - Saved from the junk yard

Future addition - The four door cab before cutting

The first cutting - Trimming off the extra material

Back on all four - One extended Frame

Big block power - 460/auto/205 NP transfer case

The fight - Getting the parts to fit

All lined up - All welded together and bolted down

Taking shape - Starting to put the parts on the truck

A sneak peek - Preassembly just to see

Roof all welded - All smoothed out on top

One cold wet day - Time for it's wash job

The painting has begun - The sealer is on

All done painting - The newly painted body

The final assembly - Starting to look Like something

Standing Proud - Just some more finished pictures

The specs - Some in-depth information

Wreck1 - What my support driver did for me

Wreck2 - The head on collision over a dog

Rolled Red - Another wrecked four door

New Engine - Along With My Custom Perches

New Frame - getting EFI and OD at the same time


The Frame Swap - A Lift really helps in this

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