Installing the Din radio Bracket

Note this Bracket requires the modification of the Plastic bezel that covers the radio and instrument cluster

this is the only mod that cannot be reversed without replacing the Bezel

the Bracket mounts using the OEM holes in the heater control and dash panal

the bezel can readily be had new from Dennis Carpenter if you feel the need to go back to a OEM radio

this bracket also moves the radio out far enough to clear the A/C duct so there is no need to Butcher it

for the radio to fit


Back side of Bracket note the double layer give a more snug fit


heater control removed from OEM bracket


Installed in new DIN bracket


Din  Mount installed


Tabs have a better grip on a thicker surface


Typical bezel and radio face



this one the face removes but still needs cut just the same


Area that needs to be shorten to accept new bezel

Cut at the red line

the step area needs to be shortened to allow for the new bracket

this Bezel is trimmed


the kick back area trimmed


You will still need to use this bracket for best support



New Bezel installed in Dash heater controls and new radio wires should be installed before this is secured in


bezel and radio installed


The radio now clears the A/C duct no need to ruin the duct


tough to see but the rear support bracket lines up with the mount hole on the radio


under side of radio bracket gives a finished look



Side view Bracket fits rather nice


uses all original screws to secure it back to the dash and heater control