Installing the micro v air compressor bracket

The Bracket


Typical 460 bracket setup

remember to remove the spacer on the larger alternator bolt as it is needed for

the new bracket

Remove the Alternator and its mounting hardware from engine so the front of engine look like below


this one is a Large case 3G with 8.25" swing the bracket is designed for the 8.25 swing

However due to various tab thickness on different alternators some tweaking may be needed for desired fit

note the offset on this


A vise works well to make desired adjustment for offset




now the alternator will fit as desired

The compressor the tension pulley and alternator has to go on in the
Following order this can be assembled on the bench then installed as a assembly
though it is heavy and awkward to do this way,
or in the truck with bracket already installed on the engine

First mount the Air compressor onto bracket

Note the alternator spacer is installed needed to be fully bottomed out in the tab

Next install the auto tensioner  Napa # 38122

Install the Alternator

For proper belt alignment on the tension pulley The belt is centered to slightly back towards the engine on the belt tensioner

belt must be fully on tension pulley and as long as it is fully engaged on the tension pulley no other adjustments is necesary

if the belt is to far back on the pulley Grind down the lower spacer about 1/16 inch which will approximate 1/8 inch forward  travel on the pulley

if the belt is to far forward then add a shim typical hardened 3/8 washer is used for the shims with will approximate 1/8 inch back travel on the pulley



unit set in the area  

lower bolt started this is the guide bolt to correctly position the bracket 

it has a 3/8 hole all the holes have a 1/2 hole to accept variances in different engines  

unit installed uses four bolts to secure to engine use all bolts holes to prevent

failure in the future  

belt installed ready to use  Belt # PBH 6K685

This Belt is the Same as the 1988-1989 460 A/C Powersteering belt with the large A/C pulley




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